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Little Miss

Shih tzu dog lying on bed. Bright white



* We offer breed specific cuts that are catered to you and your pets desired needs. Every full groom includes bathing, brushing, dematting, and a nail trim. 

* Face Feet and Fanny is a light trim around your pets face, feet and sanitary area to keep them looking fresh either in between grooming session or as their regular service type. 

* Bath and Brush along with De-Shedding if needed.

Chihuahua Bath

À la carte

* Basic bath and brush  

*Sanitary Trim

*Nail Trim 

* Anal gland expression

*De-shedding treatment 

*Thera-Clean Microbubble Baths

* Nail Polish 

*Seasonal Pet Photos

Walk in Services

* Nail Trimming

* Anal Gland Expression 

About Us 


We are a family owned grooming salon that was established in 2021. Our main goal is to provide your pet with a safe, fear free and comfortable grooming experience. We pride ourselves in using the most effective and calming techniques that is best suited for each pets personal demeanor. We understand that many factors like sounds and smells play a role in animal anxiety and we strive to minimize those stress factors while your pet is at the spa.

Love My Clients

What Pet Owners Say

"Very Professional"

My pup went to see Dario and she looks amazing I usually just get standard cut for my schnauzer and he did a fantastic job along with great service and a smile. Nice to see people happy at there job. I was very pleased and impressed . My puppers has a big smile as well. Thank you!

"Great Service"

I brought my boy (Milo) in today for his first visit. He was such a smelly boy and shedding his summer coat everywhere. When we arrived Milo wasn’t too sure about it which in turn made me nervous as he can be crabby. Everyone was so extremely friendly and welcoming of us both though. I explained his sensitivity around his paws and for them not to worry about them. When I returned to pick him up he was laying by the ladies and looked so happy and handsome!!! We will definitely be back!!! Everyone was extremely friendly and happy!

"Kind & Loving"

The Pet Parlor is Amazing!!

I brought my little girl Bella in and she is not always the easiest to handle. The groomers took such good care of her and she left looking great! 

Kate J.

Megan B.

Sue L. 

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